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Christine de Pizan
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Sharon L. Jansen

After thirty-five years as a college professor, I have retired. While I am no longer preparing for classes, grading stacks of papers, and going to endless meetings, I am not done with writing about women's history and women's literature. Through this blog project, I am hoping to connect with others who are also interested in these topics and to share with those who find their way to this site stories of the many remarkable women I have encountered throughout my years of research, reading, and teaching.

For those readers who might be interested in learning more about my professional work--books and articles, personal essays, essays on teaching and writing, opinion pieces on women and politics, women and food, and women and popular culture, for example--you can find more information, and even some complete essays, at my website ( or, more simply, by clicking here. (I can also be found on LinkedIn.)

To contact me, you can easily post a comment here on the blog, but you can also email me at

If for some unimaginable reason you would like more information about my academic career, please click here. For a recent essay on gender and politics, please click here.


  1. What a marvelous idea. I'm glad I found your blog. Thank you for mentioning mine as well.
    Susan Ozmore

  2. Just found your blog after connecting with Susan Ozmore's. Christine de Pizan my heroine! I use her arguments in my novel to counteract the male misogyny of the time. A remarkable woman. (My novel is entitled The First Blast of the Trumpet!! & features John Knox! )

  3. If you're looking for people who love - and enjoy sharing - women's history, you've certainly found one more ! Keep up the good (as well as entertaining and informative) work !