Christine de Pizan

Christine de Pizan
The Writer Christine de Pizan at Her Desk

Credits and Copyright

Sources and Intellectual Property

This blog is produced with no commercial interests, aims, goals, or intents. There are no advertisements here. While I link here to many books for sale on Amazon, I do not receive any payment of any kind in return for these recommendations

As a researcher and writer, I respect all intellectual property and the legal rights of all copyright holders. In the writing on this blog, I quote accurately and indicate the source of all material. I link readers to primary sources and point them to additional resources so they can read more fully about subjects that are of interest to them. To find online sources or books and articles, simply follow the links.

As for the images used on this blog: although it's easy to find images of just about anyone and anything online, it is my intention to use only those images that are in the public domain or that have been made available through a Creative Commons license. For example, the image that I have used on virtually every page of this blog--that of the writer Christine de Pizan at her desk--is a detail from the British Library Ms.Harley 4431 (fol. 4). The detail is from an image I have used in the past, with permission, after paying a significant sum for its use and reproduction. Now, however, this image is available in the public domain. Here is the current language from the British Library: 
The Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts content is now available for download and reuse. Although still technically in copyright in the UK (and a number of other common law territories) the images are being made available under a Public Domain Mark* which indicates that there are no copyright restrictions on reproduction, adaptation, republication or sharing of the content available from the site. The catalogue information is made available under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.
(To read the entire BL statement, "Access and Reuse Guidance Notes for the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts," including the material indicated by the asterisk, click here.) 

The avatar that I have selected for this blog, an image of one of the twelfth-century Lewis Chessmen queens, is from a photograph by Finlay Macwalter, available for use under a Creative Commons license.

In all cases, whether linking to secondary materials, incorporating textual references, or reproducing
images, if the copyright owner objects in any way to any material I have used, I will remove it immediately and offer my deepest apologies.

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