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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Billie Holiday, Lady Day

Billie Holiday (born 7 April 1915)

Born Eleanora Fagan, Billie Holiday renamed herself and was later renamed by fans, who called her Lady Day. Her life was filled with trauma and turmoil, and she died in 1959, just forty-four years old.

But her music survives. Today, on the centenary of her birth, take a minute--or an hour, or a day--to remember the inimitable Billie Holiday. 

There's an official website,* an autobiography, Lady Sings the Blues, many biographies, and tons of music. If you don't have any recordings in your collection, there are many videos on YouTube. I recommend "Strange Fruit," of course, and "My Man," but, really, you're spoiled for choice.

*The images used here are from, which invites readers to download and share them.

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